Share Your Direct Sales Convention on Social Media without Annoying Your Fans

Share Your Direct Sales Convention on Social Media without Annoying Your Fans

Is your direct sales convention happening online right now?

Tis the season for national conferences, direct sales conventions, regionals, incentive trips, and trade shows!

Are you planning to attend to a direct sales convention this year to grow your business, network with others, and learn new skills? It’s natural to want to share everything you’re learning with your fans and followers and flood them with pictures, posts, and the awesome chaos of what you’re experiencing. But there is a better way to channel this content to keep your fans and followers engaged, and not get annoyed with yet another selfie post.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about a good selfie…. but the 28th one? Yea – that starts to get a little old. In fact, it could actually do more harm than good, and they’ll check-out on my future content by unfollowing, unsubscribing, unliking, or unfriending.

Here are my tips to use your convention’s social content to engage and excite your fans without annoying them.

Tell your fans in advance that you’re going to be posting more than usual.

They’re your people and your best friends and you love them, right? Tell them where you’re going, how excited you are, and that you want to share the event with them. This will help prevent them being annoyed later, when you post 19 pictures in a row that they didn’t know were coming.

Make sure your posts are full of personality and purpose.

Meaning we all know you’re adorable and love selfies – but share interesting content with your fans and followers. Like scenery from your location, useful tips you’re learning in your breakout sessions, motivation from leaders and influencers in your brand or industry. Showcase others more than yourself, but weave your own humor and personality into what you’re sharing.

Don’t give away the farm.

Don’t give away so much that you don’t have anything left to share later!

Product and strategy reveals are awesome and are one of the big reasons people love conventions. But think about how you can use all the new stuff for teasers to build anticipation.

Sharing “Oh my gosh, I just saw our new Fall products. Who wants to see them?” is a great call to action teaser and will build suspense for when you post a product reveal later on – even if that “later on” is an hour.

Take good pictures.

Spend the extra minute or two adjusting lighting, using a filter, or cropping a picture. You are your own marketing department, and you’re posting marketing images for your fans and followers. Make it quality content.

Get creative.

If you are going to a big convention, everyone is going to be posting a zillion pictures all over social media. What’s going to make you stand out? Being different!

You need to find the shot, the angle, the channel, the content that no one else is posting. Maybe it’s purposeful tips or behind-the-scenes. Maybe it’s humor about your travel adventures. Maybe it’s the emotional journey of your own story. Maybe it's curating images into a nice collage, rather than posting a ton of singles. Maybe it’s live-streaming via Periscope or Facebook Live. Find your own uniquely weird way to make people want to follow you because you’re posting content no one else is. Maybe create and use your own personal hashtag at your event so people can find all the amazing stuff you’re posting online.

Remember your audience.

Bottom line, your convention is a huge opportunity to ignite your fans and followers, but your business social channels should not be your own personal photo album of memories.

They are your customers, team members, employees, and friends, right? You are posting for them – make them feel important. Think about every single post, and ask yourself “is this exciting and purposeful for my community?” If your goal is to grow your community, excite your customers, fans, and followers, and build momentum, social media is the way to do it, and differentiate yourself as someone worth following.

I hope these tips help you strategize some amazing purposeful and personality-based content!

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