How to Write a Clear Call To Action in Social Media Posts

How to Write a Clear Call To Action in Social Media Posts

How many times has this happened to you? You sit down to write out a social media post to let your audience know about something spectacular that is about to happen, bang out the perfect post that reflects just how excited you are about this spectacular thing, and then sit back and wait…only no one else seems to share in your excitement?

Or maybe some people do share in your excitement, but not as many as you thought there would be? And how many times have you crafted the perfect post only to be left wondering why no one is buying?

The answer is in your ask. Learning how to write a Call To Action clearly, or calls to action, is crucial to sustaining business growth. When you write a call to action, you are telling your reader exactly what you want them to do next.

Write a Call to Action on Your Social Media Posts

We see this mistake a lot. Social media posts with several calls to action, or sometimes no calls to action at all. If you've ever wondered why you have high engagement but low sales, it might be time to take a look at your calls to action and see whether or not you are including them in your post and whether or not they are clear.

There are a few things to consider when you sit down to write a call to action. The first thing to do is to decide on the overall goal of the post. Is it to bring someone over to your blog? Do you want people to share the post? Or are you trying to get people to buy something? The goal of your post is going to determine the type of call to action you're going to include.

Here are some more tips on how to write clear calls to action (CTAs) in your social media posts:

  1. Make sure your post explains the value your audience will get if they take the intended action. This is not merely “get it on discount,” but explain how it will change their life or make their life easier: Can you already hear the compliments your friends will give you when they see you wearing this new locket?
  2. Use action verbs to draw your audience in and compel them to take that action: discover how easy it is to start your own business.
  3. Make sure the call to action makes sense with the rest of your post. Watching the sunset out on the beach is beautiful. Don't forget to join my newsletter!!
  4. Always choose clarity over cleverness. Using big words doesn't make you sound more professional, they just confuse your audience and you risk losing them before your call to action: Due to the fact that it's so versatile, you'll soon find yourself utilizing this bag for almost anything you can imagine.
  5. Make the post more about your audience and less about you. Of course you're excited to share and you can't wait to try these things, that's your job – you sell these things. It would be scary if you weren't excited.
  6. Don't be so polite that you lose that sense of immediacy. Call now is much more effective than call anytime. If you tell someone they can call anytime, they will do just that (and then promptly forget). If you tell someone to call now, they are much more likely to take action now – which is what you want.
  7. Make sure your call to action stands out and is easy to read. Don't bury it in a jumbled block of text, pull it out and make sure it is a separate line either at the very top or at the very bottom of your post.

It's nice when your audience consumes your content, but it would be nicer if they would consume your product instead, right? So make it easy for them. Customers shouldn't have to jump through hoops, walk through fire, or connect the dots trying to figure out what it is you want them to do, or how to get that amazing new product you're wearing.

Make it easy for them with clear direction on what you want them to do next.

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